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Our Ministries

Outreach Team

The main focus of New Hope is for us to be a church that reaches out to people in our community. Through the outreach team we reach out to people every week through various opportunities and make a difference in the lives of people in our surrounding area. We reach out through the community through various events, nursing home ministry, soul winning and visitation. 

Prayer Team

We believe that the life of New Hope is through prayer. Through the prayer team, individuals lift your cares and concerns in prayer. It doesn’t matter how old you might be the prayer team is a place for everyone to serve the Lord and is the most important team we have in the life of our church.

First Impressions Team

One of our desires here at New Hope is to make a great first impression on every guest that comes to our worship services each and every week. We are not able to excel in this area as a church without the support of members who serve and who are committed to make people feel comfortable and loved. 

Music Team

In our services we love the preaching and teaching of God’s Word but we also believe that music is a very important part of our services. We believe that music can have an uplifting impact on every individual that attends our services. Through the music team many people serve each week to impact people and serve the Lord.


New Hope Youth

In the ministry of our church we believe whole heartedly that the next generation is the future of our church. Through New Hope Youth we invest in the teens and kids in our church every week and guide and lead the next generation to love and serve God. 

We'd love to give you an opportunity to serve and get involved!
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